Principal Air Ltd - Mitchell Nosko, General Manager


Principal Air is located in beautiful Chilliwack, British Columbia, approximately 120 km East of Vancouver, BC. Principal Air is rated by its students, renters and customers as a premier flight training center and charter service operator. FLIGHT TRAINING Becoming a pilot will require a serious investment both in terms of time and money. You have a right to expect to feel comfortable with the staff, with the level of instruction you are receiving, with the equipment you will be flying and that you are getting quality training for your investment. We at Principal Air will deliver on all our promises. At Principal Air we employ the use of state of the art technology to create a modern and efficient learning environment. Students have their choice of two dedicated student computers both equipped with high speed internet access and several modern testing programs. Our ground briefings are done with a mix of the traditional white board teaching method as well as computer based digital presentation and even DVD and High Definition video presentations. Principal Air is very proud of the reputation it has built. Our students are enthusiastic about the professionalism of our instructors, the efficiency of our programs, and the overall management of the school. Several of Principal Air's instructors are career educators and, with their background and experience, bring professional academic skills into our programs. Our instructors are here to teach. Our focus is on providing excellent, personalized flight training for each individual student from his or her introductory flight to the successful completion of a license or rating. CHARTER FLIGHTS Principal Air is the only licensed fixed wing charter carrier in Chilliwack. We offer Charter Service accommodating up to 3 passengers to destinations in Southwest British Columbia. We travel according to your schedule. With Principal Air's Charter Service you can be in the air heading to your destination of choice in less than 15 minutes from when you arrive at the airport. Avoid ferry line-ups and the wasted time of driving. Save time, hassle and money. Fly directly to your destination, in comfort at a time that best suits you. SCENIC FLIGHTS British Columbia has extraordinary landscape. From towering mountains, to crystal lakes, to the wild and rugged coastline, the scenery is worth seeing over and over again. One of the most astounding perspectives from which to view the area is from the air. Principal Air Ltd. offers a variety of scenic flights/airplane rides for your enjoyment starting from $50 per person. (based on full occupancy for 3 passengers).


46244 Airport Road
Unit 2
Chilliwack, British Columbia V2P 1A5

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