Greenworks of Washington, LLC - Amy Moe


Greenworks of Washington, LLC is a knowledgeable and proactive septic service provider in northwest Washington state. Active in this industry for over 15 years, Martin and Amy Moe convey the highest levels of customer communication, education and explanation in a field that is often forgotten until it is an emergency. Wastewater impacts not only our local watersheds, but also affects the lives of millions of people around the world. Many systems can be readily maintained and function well with regular service, if people would take the time to think about how they used water effectively and where it went when they were done with it. As a Rotarian, the use and treatment of fresh water and wastewater systems is a high priority for Amy, who is also her club’s incoming President for 2018-2019. Clients and Rotarians wanting to learn more about their septic systems and the care thereof should contact Greenworks via phone/text at 360-913-0133 or through their website at


185 McElroy Drive,
Camano Island, Washington 98282
United States

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