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Inspiring confidence to achieve more for all is a driving force for me in all aspects of my life. I want my clients and business partners to achieve more from their transaction and from our relationship than they would elsewhere. I do not sell mortgages, I truly believe that I sell improving the lives of my clients. With my commitment to inspiring confidence in you and in the important financial decisions you need to make, we will enhance your lifestyle and with the savings we create over the years we can finance a BIGGER life. I am honoured to have been named one of Abbotsford's Top 100 Most Influential People in 2011. Dominion Lending Centres are Canada's largest mortgage broker network and we secure billions of dollars worth of mortgages for Canadians every year. Of course, getting the best deal is only half the battle. Finding the right mortgage terms is equally as important and it can be a confusing challenge. By teaming up with Dominion Lending Centres Freedom First, you will have an expert to guide you through the process comfortably and carefully. Together we will evaluate options best suited for your lifestyle and financial situation and find the terms that make sense for you, not the banks.

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